Blogging On Free Hosts Not A Good Idea

Blogging On Free Hosts Not A Great idea

This write-up is about blogging and why you should never blog on a free host like or I am composing this to notify individuals out there who are building blog sites on totally free blog hosts like and also

Installing wordpress is complimentary and also gives you full control over your blog site. There are other systems like portable type to choose from also. Take a look around and find the platform you like or that finest fits your blog writing discipline. I have actually learned an expensive lesson as well as now will only construct blogs on my very own domain.

The reason?

Lets start with

They have a new uncontrollable spam robot. Browse the blog writer help forums and also you will discover the horror tales. Reputable blog sites are being deleted, people are getting shut out of their blog site up until assessed, as well as thought to be a spammer since either the bot flagged the blog site or someone clicked the little flag switch on top of all blog writer blogs.

That and also that they have continuous issues with the publishing obtaining stuck at 0%, slow-moving tons times, etc. it makes blogging with a buggy encounter at ideal and your material or factor for blog writing depends on another person’s analysis of exactly what is or is not legit.

I understand eliminating splogs and also spammers, but in’s situation the cure is even worse than the condition. They were not constantly this way. I have actually been on blog writer a long period of time and the solution used to be good.

As far as, they are just as bad. If the blog site links to a web site as well as seems it may be promoting individuals to go to that internet site they will certainly suspend your account without caution and also lock you from all the material.

I’m not sure exactly what they think blog sites are for, however they appear to believe they have an honorable function in life and that they alone determine what is a “real blog site” or not.

A “real blog site” is one that is managed by the individual who composes to it, not one that must abide by someone else’s idea of exactly what their blog site need to look like and just what it should claim.

If you blog on freehosts simply be aware your content as well as your blog site is in the hands of others that will certainly determine for the world whether your blog site ought to be seen by others.

I recommend all blog writers get their very own domain names and also mount their very own blog sites. You possibly have learned that utilizing a freehost for your business’s site misbehaves for business so why place your business’s blog on a freehost?

The exact same goes with people. Blogs permit you to share on your own the means you intend to reveal on your own. That is the charm of blog writing. Are you ready to sacrifice your uniqueness to adapt what or thinks is a “genuine” means to express yourself?

Often times the individual choosing your fate is someone who possesses never had any type of authority over other individuals and that assume that currently they have Godlike powers to make a decision the destiny of material written by others. These are people who likely produce no material of worth themselves and also believe they recognize what is finest for the remainder of the world.

Obtain your own domain name as well as install a blogging platform that fits your needs. It’s the most effective advice you will certainly ever before obtain about blogging. You just have the blog if it gets on your very own domain. Every little thing else is simply supplying content for another person.

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